Apparently the Chiefs Train to Despair is Not Coming

The ghost of Carl Peterson is a strange beast. The spirit of his “close but no cigar” regime has infiltrated the mindset of certain Kansas Citians. This ghost, along with the ghost of Ewing Kauffman, still hangs over the hazy blue smoke that rises over the sports complex on game days. Mr. Kauffman does get somewhat of a pass since he DID deliver a championship to this area, but it’s funny that Peterson does not, considering he brought the Chiefs back to relevancy in the first place.

Years do that to us.  We forget about the really good and let the really bad permeate our very spirited souls. Energy that could be spent on more productive things get sucked out of our bodies by loss after collective loss, until we have reached the point where losing is “normal”.

So the Chiefs are back in the playoffs, and for now the train is sitting in Union Station, idling.

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