Can the Royals ever win the World Series again?

Maybe the better question would be: Can the Kansas City Royals ever make the playoffs again?  Or better yet, can the Kansas City Royals ever be a .500 team again?

1985 was such a glorious time.  By 1985, the 80′s were archiving moments in music and fashion that, years later, would lead us to proclaim: “What the hell were we thinking?” The 50′s had this new great thing called Rock and Roll and all of those automotive icons that symbolized a growing America.  The 60′s had free love, and really great drugs, and music that defined a growing unrest while at the same time brought people together.  The 70′s brought us bell bottom jeans and disco.  Then comes the 80′s.  The impossibly ridiculous decade.  It seems like EVERYTHING about the 80′s was at best comical and at worst completely idiotic.  Which brings us back to the Royals.

It seems appropriate now that the Kansas City Royals won their only world championship in a decade defined by things that “Made No Sense.” Parachute pants. Members Only jackets. A Flock of Seagulls. Men wearing earrings.  Soccer mullets.

So can they do it again? Well, they have Wal-Mart money backing them up, which means our players are Made in China with cheap labor and cheap materials. Comparing the Royals to a real baseball team is like buying a pair of jeans at Wal-Mart.  It may say Levi’s on the label, but we all know they are really not Levi’s.

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