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Kansas City sports are an interesting rub. We have two major sporting teams here and one kind of major sporting team. We have the Royals and the Chiefs, but you could sort of apply the Law of Relativity to the success of these teams.  When one is good, the other is bad.  Recently, however, you could apply the Law of Suck, which means, literally, that they can both suck simultaneously.

Our third team is a major league soccer team, which until recently was called the Wizards, which was an actual upgrade from their original name “The Wiz.”  Recently, the marketing geniuses of this team have renamed them again. Now they are know as Sporting Kansas City.

The goal here (no pun intended) is to make sure the rest of the free world can decipher the team name as referring to:

a) A gun club

b) A hunting club

c) ?

The only good thing is they are building a really cool stadium to house this club, complete with luxury boxes, gourmet food, plenty of parking, and an archery range.

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