The Chiefs Train to Despair is Coming

We all know it’s coming. Around the corner, over the mountain, and down the tracks the Little Engine That Could, will not.  Citizens of Kansas City know this feeling all too well, where you just know deep in your core that your local sports team will fail. The Kansas City Chiefs have been this surprising story all year. It’s kind of like finding a chicken nugget in your french fries. You’re not expecting it there, but you savor the quick morsel of free food you received, as if you “stole” one from Ray Kroc himself. And that aptly describes the Chiefs this year. This season has felt like that extra chicken nugget. At the beginning of the year, we were happy to savor football again. But then the Chiefs started winning. They were the nugget in the fries. Now, however, we can see what’s coming. We know the Chiefs are going to miss the playoffs. We know they are going to upset our stomachs like that extra chicken nugget did. We know they are going to be the catalyst of a historically significant dump. When, at the end of the day, we should just be happy that we were able to get a meal.

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