The 2011 Resolution

If the world could only make New Year’s Resolutions…

There are so many things that could be made better. Most are common sense. Most are impossible. Some are ridiculously stupid, and some are funny.  Here you go:

  • No more hungry kids. Let’s start in your local community and work outward.
  • No more fighting over God. Seriously, we fight over God?
  • People should learn to use their turn signals.
  • Every house should have to subscribe to their local newspaper.
  • Kindle’s should be smashed with a hammer.
  • It should be illegal to buy a tomato in a grocery store after October 1st.
  • There should be no more “time outs” for kids.
  • Your children should have to put their hands in the dirt and play with a stick at least twice a week.
  • Every new house from here on out should be built with a front porch.
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