Random Kansas City Thoughts

  • The Kansas City Chiefs schedule came out the other day. A few nights in prime time seems to indicate the type of team they should be, but then again could be the kiss of death. If they don’t play the season, it should leave more fall Sundays for fishing around the Kansas City area, which is a nice consolation prize.
  • AT&T was kind enough to dig through the front yard so the neighbor across the street could have a better picture for their cable TV. It appears the grass seed they put down is a mix between ragweed, spinach, and artificial turf.
  • Garden season in Kansas City is coming really soon, which means it’s time to pick out the heirloom tomatoes, peppers, and other various crops they can be squeezed into a small urban space. It looks like the veggies will have to fight with bunnies, small children, and pets for survival.
  • Denny Matthews still calls Royals games.  Ah….sweet sounds!
  • Speaking of the Kansas City Royals, they have a lot of young players that are starting to make it to the big league club. They may lose 95 games this year, but at least it’s not with the likes of a bunch of old guys padding their personal retirement plans.
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