Kansas City Weather is Changing

The windows are open and the attic fan is on. That is the beauty of summer and weather in Kansas City. You can be at 95 degrees and hiding in the basement one day to 80 degrees and beautiful the next.

The temperature swing of this city symbolizes the mentality of this city. It seems that the personality of Kansas City ebbs and flows with the wind patterns that drift across our plains. Our moods and sensibilities can be hot one minute, cold the next, and downright indecisive by the time we wake up in the morning. We can’t decide if we want to be a big city. We can’t decide if we like Royals baseball or Chiefs football. We can’t decide which area is better for partying: Westport or Kansas City Live. We can’t decide where the best place is to listen to music, be it Sandstone, or Starlight, or the Sprint Center. We can’t decide who has better BBQ: Gates, Arthur Bryants, or Oklahoma Joe’s.

Just like our weather patterns, Kansas City goes where the fair wind blows. We root for the winning team. The newest concert hall. The trendiest restaurant. We can’t be happy with what we have. Kansas Citians are always seeking the next thing that makes our city relevant and cool. While if we just turn around, the things that makes Kansas City relevant and cool are the things we already have. You can spit in any direction in Kansas City and get better BBQ than any city in the world. You can walk less than one mile from your home and find a neighborhood bar that makes you feel as if you’re at your neighbors house having a beer. And you can open the Kansas City Star on Thursday and find a band playing in town that will make you dance and feel music.

You don’t need Kansas City to be relevant. You need to be worthy of being relevant to Kansas City.


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