Zoe Vette and the Revolvers

Whatever happened to Rock n’ Roll? You know the kind; where you could listen to a song and just feel the grit seething through your speakers.  Where a song was written with a purpose and served as an audio sledgehammer for the band producing music and the ear that processed it.  It seems like rock n’ roll really started in the 60′s and 70′s as technology started to enable bands to play sounds with such power and force that they literally changed the mindset of a country. Rock n’ Roll spurred thought, and creativity, and brought passion out of people that had been bubbling to the surface for generations.

Music during that time was raw and honest and pure, because it spoke to important words of the day and helped bring people together at a time when people were growing apart. As we moved into the 80′s, technology started to really change, and artists started to take shortcuts into producing music that became homogenized into a wall of pre-packaged sound. When the 90′s came along, bands began to fight back, and all of a sudden bands produced music that Bob Seger would have been proud of.

Which brings us to today. It seems like music has shrunk back into a holding pattern, where social media and money drive the music that we hear, and that our “friends” musical interests are what are now our musical interests.  The days of feeling music have gone by the wayside, only to be replaced by artists who are brands and not really bands.

Enter Zoe Vette and the Revolvers. All of a sudden appears a band that plays rock n’ roll again with a sound that takes you back to the time when music mattered. The beauty of the album B.C. Radio is that you cannot pinpoint it to a particular era or influence, except for the fact that you KNOW it’s roots are in 70′s and 90′s rock, which is a difficult thing to pull off. It’s worth a listen only if you have the ability to feel it; otherwise you are wasting the Revolvers time.

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