The Biggest Ego in Kansas City

If you drive along Metcalf this time of year, you run across at least one atrocity. It’s not the 119th Street area, which is woefully short of retail outlets. It’s not Metcalf South mall, which still stands to prove that malls can be relevant in a world where we want to drive up, buy something within 14 steps of our car, and drive home.

No, Metcalf is absolutely blessed and honored to be graced by the Vince and Associates building that borders this hallowed road just north of 103rd street. If you drive by at Christmas, you can be both astonished and horrified at the lighting abortion that graces every square inch of the property. It’s pretty safe to say that this is not what God envisioned when he sent his only son to be born in Bethlehem.

But if you drive by this property at other times of the year, you can understand the need for Vince to have this sort of display. After all, the building itself is hidden by nothing except the exposed craving of someone looking for recognition. The original Vince and Associates was located on the back side of a nondescript strip mall and sat next to nameless and faceless offices and storefronts. Vince obviously had had enough.

So he built a shrine. A building located on the busiest stretch of road in the Kansas City area. He built a rock water feature that looks as natural as the Statue of Liberty would look on that piece of property. Vince also was kind enough to give himself the best parking space that runs parallel to the building so passers by could see his collection of Maserati’s and other various sports cars. And to top it off, as if his insecurities started to eat him alive, he decided to pollute the property with an obnoxious collection of Christmas lights and other holiday assortments.

Think about the money spent. The cost of the electricity to prove a point. When the point should be to bury the ego and spend the money on hungry kids or the freezing elderly. But the money feeds an ego instead, and freezes this human from seeing humanity.

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