Pine Terrace – Minnesota Fishing and Family Resort

There’s a rumor going around that Minnesota has a lake around every corner. And because of that, there are many fishing and family resorts for vacations that grace the shore fronts of these lakes. But there is one that is at the end of a mile long stretch of road, hidden amongst the pine and birch trees that dot the landscape. This resort is called Pine Terrace Resort.

Pine Terrace fishing and family resort is located outside of Crosslake, Minnesota, and lays on the shore line of Star Lake. It is a great place to plan your next family vacation, especially if you want one that not only provides peace and quiet but also a memorable time for your family. It’s easy to describe the particulars of the resort:

  • 34 acres of beautiful woods, walking trails, and green space
  • 13 cabins that vary from a honeymoon cabin for two to large family sized cabins
  • Access to 7 lakes which feature great bass, pike and bluegill fishing
  • Sandy beach and plenty of water toys for kids of all ages
  • Incredibly friendly ownership who will do anything for your comfort
  • Peace and quiet

What is hard to describe is the feeling you get when you vacation at this Minnesota family resort. It’s as if you are transformed into an era where families talked, and played games, and ate supper outside. It’s a place where there isn’t a phone in your cabin, and there’s no cable TV beaming non-stop interference into your life. It’s a place where you hear the water, and the wind, and the sound of a loon on the lake. It’s a place where the bald eagle flies overhead and makes you smile to yourself that this is a part of Americana that just won’t die.

Pine Terrace is a fishing and family resort in Minnesota that will help you completely unwind within 24 hours of walking her shores.  There are also many amenities close by, including shopping, good restaurants, and lots of family activities. For a great vacation at one of the most beautiful places on earth, give Pine Terrace a call at 1-800-950-1986.


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