Silpada Sterling Silver Jewelry in Wisconsin

Silpada Designs is a jewelry company that started in Kansas City. Two women who were best of friends started this company as a way to make a little extra money and sell high quality sterling silver jewelry at a reasonable price. To say that they are an American success story is an understatement: a company they started with $25 from each of their grocery budgets has turned into a company with annual revenues of over $230 million dollars.

The formula for generating this success has been with the thousands of independent representatives who do business the old fashioned way: they sell silver jewelry one-to-one at parties and gatherings. They work hard talking to friends, friends of friends, and family. And the beauty is that the Silpada jewelry is high quality sterling silver pieces.

For the state of Wisconsin, Melissa Young is an Independent Representative who is the local expert for Silpada Designs. She can handle your Silpada orders through Home Parties, Book Parties, and even independent orders. Whether you need a piece for a birthday, an anniversary, or a holiday, Melissa can handle any orders for anyone in the Wisconsin market. Based in Wausau, she will be glad to answer any questions and provide any ordering information.

So the next time you need a piece of sterling silver jewelry, give Melissa a call.From Green Bay to Wausau to Madison, she covers the whole state of Wisconsin for Silpada Jewelry. She will recommend the best Silpada pieces that fit your budget, and can even host jewelry parties in your home. She will make sure that you and your friends will be happy to become part of the Silpada family.


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