Corbin Brennan and Pine Terrace Resort in Minnesota

Pine Terrace Resort in Crosslake, Minnesota offers more than just a respite from the chaos of everyday life. It offers something different for every person that ever visits her doors. Located on the shore of Star Lake, Pine Terrace Resort in Minnesota is the picture of the perfect family resort. There are lots of activities for kids, and parents, and fisherman, and hikers. If you like to watch bald eagles, this place has a growing population of our national bird. The thing is, Pine Terrace offers more than that for people. It offers rest, and relaxation, and excitement, and hope, and passion for things that only exist in each person’s mind.

In the mind of Corbin Brennan, Pine Terrace offered fish. And plenty of fish. From bass to bluegill to crappie to northern pike, Star Lake and her adjoining brothers and sisters offered what Corbin knew, and what he hoped he would find. Each lake that feeds to or from Star Lake brings different challenges. And Corbin was bound and determined to discover, attempt, and catch as many fish as possible during his time on Pine Terrace.

His true moment of glory came on the final day of his vacation. The week had been filled with countless catches of bluegill off the dock, bass in the boat, and crappie from unknown origin. On the last day, Corbin fished with his father and brother at Beaver Lake, which is a short walk from the envelope of Pine Terrace.¬† Fishing on the far end of the lake, Corbin decided to throw a 6″ blue Rapala lure against the weed beds, hoping to entice something, anything to grab his bait. He didn’t care about the size, or type. He wanted action.

And action he received. He told his father something was on his line, though his father glanced quickly, expecting a lure full of weeds that reached from the bottom of the lake searching for daylight. But on this occasion, the line moved. And weeds do not move fishing line from side to side.

Corbin’s father told him to reel fast, and keep the rod tip high. Corbin complied, and after a few minutes the line came close to the boat. The fish was still deep, and straining for the protection of the weeds at the bottom of Beaver Lake. Corbin pulled the rod tip high, and up came a beautiful 24″ northern pike. Dad netted the fish, put it on the scale, and snapped a picture.

Corbin Brennan - Pine Terrace Resort

The last fish of Corbin’s vacation weighed 4 pounds. It was a fish of a lifetime, especially when your lifetime hasn’t been very long. You see, Corbin is 4 years old, and it’s¬†somewhat appropriate he caught a 4 pound fish. But that’s not all he caught that day. He caught his lifetime memory of Pine Terrace Fishing Resort in Minnesota. He caught the admiration of his father and his brother.

And, he caught his passion.

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