The 2012 MLB All Star Baseball Game in Kansas City

Well, the time has finally arrived for Major League baseball to bring the All Star circus to town. The Kansas City Royals and citizens of this city have been counting down the days, and it seems like all the preparations have been made to welcome many visitors to our town. We all know the theme of the next few days will be:

  • It’s hot here
  • Everything is so spread out
  • It’s humid

The people of Kansas City will welcome all star game visitors with open arms, because that is what we do here. We have this jewel of a city that nobody knows about, and that’s the way we like it. We may get hot in the summer, but conversely we can also get the beautiful 80 degree day in July. We are lucky to get those 65 degree days in the middle of winter: the days that give you hope that something is about to change. We like that our city is spread out: we have great little pockets of neighborhoods splashed here and there to explore and discover with their own little idiosyncrasies and personality.

And that really is the contradiction that is Kansas City. We are always a city that experiences change, but at it’s core the people that live here really don’t want it to. We love our open spaces here. We love the weather. We love the highways that during rush hour actually move traffic at a decent pace. We love that we can experience the seasons, and professional sports, and great schools, and friendly people. Yet Kansas City always moves.  We have a world class performing arts center. We have excellent music and cultural opportunities. We have great food and a counter-culture of eating great smoked meats and being the best in the world at it. We love our town.

So while we welcome our visitors to the 2012 MLB All Star  baseball game, and want them to enjoy Kansas City and all she offers, we all secretly think the same thing: go back home when the game is over. We like our little jewel, and we don’t want outsiders moving here and mucking it up.

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