Story – The Restaurant in The Kansas City Area

Sometimes you get lucky when you stumble upon a restaurant like Story in the Kansas City area. Or, to be accurate, Story in Prairie Village. This little restaurant seems to be tucked in within the warm embrace of a little area that tries to position itself as way cooler than any other locale in the Kansas City area.

Kansas City has these little pockets within the city limits: little town centers that define a neighborhood and a lifestyle. For those willing to explore, most times you uncover a store or a bar or a restaurant that makes you want to support them because you know it helps a local owner and it just feels right.

This is how all of our towns used to feel, because you knew the owner of the general store or the coffee shop and understood that every dime you spent there supported a family. You helped clothe their children, put food on their table, and provided extra money so they could support their neighbors store. This circle of commerce helped towns grow and create the communities that are trying really hard these days to hang on. Because hanging on is the best they can do with every chain and mega store that suffocates the very breath that brings life to our neighborhoods.

So when you find a restaurant like Story, you talk about it. You tell your friends. You make sure people know about it because you understand the food you have just eaten was created from a place that isn’t defined by someone who just wants to serve food. You taste a dream, and the agony of designing the perfect dish, and the culmination of a lifetime of experience that brings a chef to a certain point.

Story is a restaurant in Prairie Village. It is one of many locally owned restaurants that serve Kansas City. Which means that when you receive your bill, you know the money you spend helps to clothe the backs of your neighbors family, and the service you receive is so good that you just now realize your waiter exchanged your wine glass when you decided to go with red  instead of white.

And appropriately, the name of the restaurant serves many purposes. It’s not only the owners personal tome of his life, but also another chapter in your life’s journal.

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