About this Kansas City blog

randomguano is a Kansas City based blog that has it’s roots in the art of Bull Guano. And these roots go deep, as our forefathers were the masters of taking normal everyday occurrences and beating them into the ground with sarcasm and wit.  Needless to say, this has rubbed off on us, and our intention is to pass along the very cynicism to our children that was handed off to us.

On top of that, this Kansas City blog will also try and talk about the things near and dear to our hearts. Namely, Kansas City sports, Kansas City fishing, and of course mindless guano. The best part is that the rest of the world also offers plenty of opportunity to add to this Kansas City blog. As we move on in life, clearly the genetic code of individuals gets dumber and dumber. Each generation has allowed the influx of information to cloud their brains with facts that even Cliff Clavin would be ashamed of uttering.

Our hope is to somehow makes millions of dollars off the art of bullguano, because it’s not nearly as fun giving it away for free.

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