Extra Kansas City Guano

So the new mayor of Kansas City has spoken. He’s tired of the guano that the Kansas side is pulling by luring businesses from the city of Kansas City, Missouri.

Kansas has been ruthless by offering incentives and tax breaks to bring jobs to the state. Meanwhile, the old mayor of Kansas City spent the last 4 years trying to figure how why the heck he ran for mayor in the first place.

It’s been interesting watching the two state compete over a different kind of guano, but historically it’s just guano of a different name. Kansas and Missouri have always had somewhat of a contentious relationship, and the latest pile of guano just doesn’t seem to make a heck of a lot of sense. Realistically, monies earned in either state are usually spent in the other, or people that live in Kansas may work in Missouri. Either way, our “border” is by name and attitude only; we are all really Kansas Citians.

This metropolitan area tends to be kind to each other, help each other, and also work and play together. And this is the guano that really matters.

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