Kansas City Fishing

December 28th, 2012. Another year passes in Kansas City, and the weather is now turning colder. Right now the crappie are starting to school near drop offs and deep brush piles, so if you are bold enough to take out the boat you could be rewarded with some nice crappie.

October 21st: Here in Kansas City, summer has turned to fall overnight it seems. It’s almost time to put the boat up for the winter, but another trip to Hillsdale Lake for some Kansas City fishing may be on the horizon for the next couple of weeks. It may be time to start jigging for some walleyes as they get ready for winter.

September 4: A long hot summer in Kansas City finally turned into the type of day where you know fall is right around the corner.  75 degrees, sunny, and the breeze coming from the northwest was inviting for a day to Shawnee Mission Park.  The fishing wasn’t good, but the day was nice and the kids were excited.


April 1: After several weeks of the weather dipping back into the 40′s, there is a rumor going around that it will be in the 70′s and 80′s this weekend. Which means, NOW we can get the boat out of the garage and get her ready for the spring fishing season in Kansas City. This actually times out pretty well, since the Kansas City Royals have begun their season, so working on the boat (drinking beer and looking at it) can coincide with watching the Royals game on TV. Ahhh….good times.

March 18th: The kids are getting antsy to go hit the lakes in the Kansas City area. With the weather finally starting to hit the 60′s and 70′s, the water temperatures will start to go up and it will be time to hit the water. Fishing in Kansas City began this winter in the family room, where the kids cast their Zebco 202′s around the room, trying to hit their spots with their various lures. The dog has been ducking the aerial arsenal, but the kids accuracy and skills are well-honed for the Kansas City fishing season. The next step will be to hit up the Bass Pro Shop’s wide selection of tantalizing fish entrapments. Soon, the family will be hitting the water in the Kansas City area somewhere, content to be fishing and hoping to be catching.

February 11th: It’s been a long winter, and it’s about time the weather warms up so fishing season can start again. The boat is sitting in the garage just looking for an excuse to be “worked on”, which in layman’s terms means: “drink beer and look at the boat.” Now that the kids are getting older, it will be easier to grab the boys and some lunch and hit the water. Fishing in Kansas City is a good thing because of the close location of great bodies of water.

December 30th. There is not an activity in the world that contributes more to the lore of Bull Guano than fishing. As a matter of fact, the whole verbal prose that results from a good day on the lake or river is full of “embellishments” and “exaggerations”.  This page will be a repository of fish stories, so make sure you post your comment, and then head straight to the confessional on the way home.

The nice thing about Kansas City is there are ample opportunities to fish within a one hour radius of the city.  A good lake that is close is Hillsdale Lake in Paola, Kansas. Hillsdale is the type of lake where you can go from doorstep to boat ramp in about 35 minutes, and have the ability to catch largemouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie, and bluegill for the kids.

Hillsdale Lake also offers camping as well, so it’s a great place for a day trip or a weekend mini-vacation.

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